Saturday, 2 February 2013

Pre-UKBC2013 thoughts

This is a post I shouldn't write. My wife will kill me, considering how much time, effort and money we have invested on the UKBC path.

I was a UKBC2012 competitor and I'm a 2013 one too. Last year I worked extremely hard to take on board what the competition is about. Every new competitor does, so I'm nothing special. I just put every bit of my heart and soul into it, and really wanted the whole thing to be a positive experience.  I took part. I volunteered. Afterwards I blogged about my experience, in a bid to analyse my learnings, and also help others. I spoke to some senior people amongst the WBC organisers, and wrote some stuff that was put online for others to read... helpful stuff I thought. I've become an SCAE member. I've been an active supporter.

Right now, as I'm about to take part for the second year, I'm very disallusioned with the whole thing. It feels like all the above was an exercise in optimism that failed to realise it's goal. I'm very disappointed. Truth be told, I've lied about my enjoyment of it all. I want to elaborate upon the many emails to SCAE staff that went unanswered. The misprepresentation of membership benefits that don't actually exist. The way competitors seem to be the least important variables in the whole equation. I mean, to take part in the heats I'm closing my business for a whole weekend, foregoing 4 figures of revenue, disappointing customers, and leaving staff short of shifts & wages, and in return I'm supposed to get excited about a shot glass that should be arriving in the post any day now. Seriously guys... thanks for that. I could go on.

Tsk. This feedback should go through proper channels, but all feedback so far has been met with defensive barricades. Closed ears. More broken promises. One man can't make a difference against this particular agenda.

I will take part this year despite everything (if I am allowed after this) because I am a stubborn bastard who believes in fighting for right and wrong, and speaking out to improve things.