Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Short Break

My beverage learning process will hopefully never stop. It began with coffee. It is expanding into tea. I have always had a penchant for wines but the sensory education that coffee has provided translates very well to sommelier training, so that is another area to be explored. Who knows what after that?

But I need to place things on a temporary hold. The past few years have been building up to something, namely the opening and stabilisation of a cafe/restaurant. The opening part is now about to happen. Right now all my daytimes are spent at the premises and all my evenings/nights are spent at the computer on plans, equipment websites, writing web content, etc etc. Actually, the learning process hasn't stopped, it has just been redeployed. Today my wife stared at me quite dumbstruck at the various new language I've learned. "Low pressure gas meter running at 21 millibar"... "a dot-and-dab is no good, it needs framing and a kingspan board"... "we need a rodding point up by that alkathene pipe".  When you open a cafe/restaurant there's a lot more to it than food, drinks, service and management. You become (to an extremely unskilled degree) a jack of all trades.

So for a short time I probably won't be able to post anything on this blog, since I won't have time for dedicated academic learning on the beverage front. My learning will be hands-on, in the cafe.

See you on the other side of the opening phase.

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